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What Brand Of Cigarettes Did The X-Files’ Smoking Man Smoke?

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Answer: Morleys

Movie and television prop departments often go to great lengths to create the illusion of characters using every day stuff without actually infringing on the trademarks of or promoting that stuff. A perfect example of this are Morley cigarettes, the brand smoked by the gravel-voiced Smoking Man in The X-Files television series.

A pack of Morley cigarettes looks very much like the early pack styling of real-world Marlboro cigarettes and is a play on “Marley”–an early nickname for Marlboro brand cigarettes.

While the fictitious Morley brand of cigarettes has appeared in dozens of movies and television shows, both before and after The X-Files, by far the use of the brand by the Smoking Man was the most memorable. In addition to the many appearances of the Smoking Man with a Morley perched in his hand, there was even an episode of the show where a murder at the Morley Tobacco headquarters takes Mulder and Scully within the company itself.