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What Bit Of Space Memoribilia Was Auctioned Off For $68,000 In 1993?

Skylab's Auxiliary Toilet
Russian Lunar Rovers
Moon Rocks
Apollo 11's Nose Cone
The First McDonald's Happy Meal Movie Tie-In Was For Which Movie?

Answer: Russian Lunar Rovers

In 1993, the Russian government auctioned off some rather unusual things including a lunar rover and lander from the Russian space program. What was most unusual about it was the location of the equipment: it was still firmly planted in the lunar soil.

Despite the inability to actually handle (let alone visit) the equipment, bidding took off. The eventual winner was Richard Garriott–video game developer and space enthusiast–who paid $68,000 for the privilege of owning the two devices. When asked why he bid on them, Garriott replied “I am now the world’s only private owner of an object on a foreign celestial body.”