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What Appears In Every Single Scene Of The Movie Fight Club?

A Credit Card
A Bar of Soap
A Floppy Disk
A Cup of Coffee
Researchers Using Google Earth Discovered The Largest Known Natural What?

Answer: A Cup of Coffee

1999 film hit Fight Club is a fast paced drama centered around the lives of soap maker Tyler Durden (played by Brad Pitt) and an unnamed office worker (played by Edward Norton). Central to the film’s plot and development are two key elements: the insomnia that plagues Edward Norton’s character and heavy criticism of the ubiquity of commercialism and corporate control.

As such, one recurring theme in the movie is the presence of a coffee cup, specifically a cup of Starbucks, in every single scene of the movie. Whether sitting on a desk ready to be sipped or rolling on the ground discarded, the little green logo’d cups can be found peeking from the foreground and background throughout the movie.

While Starbucks had no objection to their cups appearing throughout the film, they did insist that the scene in which an actual coffee shop is destroyed have a rebranded sign. In the original cut, the shop had a Starbucks sign, but in the refilmed scene the coffee shop is known as Gratifico Coffee.

Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox.