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Walt Disney’s Final Act Before Death Was To Write Down The Name Of Which Actor?

Robert Redford
James Dean
Kurt Russell
Dustin Hoffman
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Answer: Kurt Russell

Despite the fact that Walt Disney never smoked around children, in or outside of his famed parks, he was a prolific chain smoker. During a pre-operative screening (intended to clear him for surgery to fix an old sports injury), doctors discovered a tumor in his left lung; the years of cigarettes had caught up with him.

Even with aggressive treatment, the cancer was too advanced by the time it was discovered and Disney was on his death bed within a month. Shortly before his death on December 15, 1966 he requested a pen and paper wherein he scribbled, rather cryptically, the name “Kurt Russell”. It was Disney’s last communication with the world.

At the time Kurt Russell was a recently signed child star in the Disney stable, but beyond that recent and, presumably superficial, connection neither the Disney family, the staff, or Kurt Russell himself has any idea why Walt Disney wrote it down or what he was trying to communicate.

Image courtesy of the Walt Disney Corporation.