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Volkswagen Sells More Of What Thing Than They Sell Cars?

The Densest Planet In Our Solar System Is?

Answer: Sausages

Volkswagen has been making cars since 1937 and, thanks to the expansion of operations over the years as well as the umbrella Volkswagen Group (including car companies like Audi, Bentley, Porsche, and more in addition to Volkswagen models), it’s the second largest automotive manufacturer in the world.

But there’s one thing that Volkswagen sells more of than Volkswagen cars, and it’s entirely unrelated to the automotive field: sausages. Since the early 1970s, Volkswagen has produced sausages in-house, specifically the semi-spicy German sausage currywurst, at a butchery located in their Wolfsburg plant for their employees. Say what you want about Germans loving sausage, but love sausage they do; the annual consumption of currywurst sausage alone in Germany is in the hundreds of millions of units per year.

Early on, the sausages were only available to employees, visitors, and prospective clients, but they’ve been available to the public for years (first in Germany and now in eleven other countries). They’re so popular that in the last few years, sales of the sausages have outpaced the sales of Volkswagen brand cars.

Image courtesy of Lothar Schaack.