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There Was Once A TV Crossover Between Star Trek: Voyager And?

Magnum P.I.
Which Game Console Came To Market Only Because Nintendo Rejected It?

Answer: Frasier

In 1996, in celebration of three decades of Star Trek, the UPN network aired the special Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond. For the most part, it was a serious affair and included interviews with past and present Star Trek actors and actresses like LeVar Burton and Nichelle Nichols, as well as iconic NASA astronauts like Buzz Aldrin and Dr. Mae Jemison.

The least serious element of the special was, by far, the most bizarre. During the special, there was a sketch that mashed up the cast of Frasier (sans Frasier himself), with Kate Mulgrew, the captain from Star Trek: Voyager. Each of the respective parties stayed in character as the roles of their shows dictated (Mulgrew as a serious captain and the cast of Frasier as the sitcom veterans they were while portraying Voyager crew members).

While the two shows were, in their respective genres, quite excellent, the end result of the sketch was quite a mishmash of acting styles and perhaps best left out of the 30 year retrospective–but we’ll let you be the judge of that (you can find the clip on YouTube).