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The World’s Most Extravagant New Year’s Fireworks Display Takes Place Where?

New York City
The Spire Of The Empire State Building Was Originally Intended For?

Answer: Dubai

Dubai, a Middle Eastern city known for over the top everything and a sort of surreal extravagance built on the oil wealth that has fueled the city for the last half century, does not do anything small–and that includes fireworks displays. For several years, they have continually increased their annual New Year’s Eve fireworks display with the intent of securing world records.

The 2013 show included over 400,000 fireworks set off right from the heart of the city, including tens of thousands set off from the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world). The display, thanks to the elevation boost provided by the 2,722 foot tall Burj Khalifa, could be seen across the entire region.

Image courtesy of Arabian Business.