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The Web Site For Which 1996 Movie Has Remained Online And Untouched?

Mission Impossible
Space Jam
Independence Day
The Only People To Have Won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony, and Pulitzer Prize Both Happen To Be?

Answer: Space Jam

Back in the 1990s promotional web sites for movies tend to be short lived as many studios placed little emphasis on digital promotion or frowned on the overhead expanses of maintaining a large web server. With that in mind, it’s quite surprising to see that the promotional web site for Space Jam–a 1996 movie cross-over that involved Micheal Jordan agreeing to help the Looney Toons play a game of inter-galactic basketball–is still hosted on the Warner Bros. web servers.

The site has remained completely untouched for nearly two decades and serves as a sort of time capsule showcasing the presentation and coding standards of the mid-1990s. You can still visit it to learn all about the cast, download coloring book pages, read about the soundtrack (though, sadly, we doubt you’ll be able to purchase it on cassette tape anymore), and read production notes–all presented in a glorious multi-layer frame navigation system.