Geek Trivia

The Venus Fly Trap Is Found Natively Only In Which Region Of The World?

The Carolinas
The Andes Mountains
The Amazon Forest
Which Herbivore Stalks Its Food Against The Wind Like A Carnivore?

Answer: The Carolinas

Venus Flytraps are curious carnivorous little plants that have fascinated generations of American children with their fly-eating ways, snapping jaws, and exotic looks. Surely many of them must have believed they came from a far off and exotic jungle filled with man-eating plants and other curiosities.

In reality, however, Venus Flytraps don’t come from deep in an exotic jungle far from U.S. soil, but from right within the United States. The only place Venus Flytraps are natively found in the wild is within a 60-mile radius of Wilmington, North Carolina. The sub-tropical bogs and swamps of the region host the only native population of Venus Flytraps; a population that has dwindled down to approximately 35,000 wild plants (an amount dwarfed by the roughly¬†six million cultivated plants in nurseries and terrariums across the world).