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The V In DVD Stands For What?

The Bulk Of The World's Citric Acid Supply Is Created By?

Answer: Versatile

DVDs were created in the mid-1990s via collaboration between Philips, Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic. The new discs were the same size as CDs (and the miscellanous but commercially unsuccessful video discs that preceded them). In order to ensure their new format prospered and was widely adopted the organizations entrusted oversight of the the specifications for various DVD formats and structures, as well as naming conventions, to a third party organization, the DVD Forum.

It is within the charter document of the DVD Forum we find the true name of the popular disc format. While many people are under the impression that DVD stands for Digital Video Disc, the actual middle word in the name of the popular media format is Versatile–a nod to how widespread and multi-functional they accurately envisioned the DVD would become.