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The USB in “USB Cable” Stands For What?

Universal Serial Bus
Uninterrupted Service Bus
Utility Service Bind
Uniform Sync Bank
What Were Hollywood Set Designers Employed to Camouflage In The 1940s?

Answer: Universal Serial Bus

Although we’ve grown used to the idea that just about every peripheral under the sun can be connected via USB cable to our computers, it wasn’t always so. In 1994 a collective of seven technology companies–Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Nortel, Compaq, DEC, and NEC–sat down to begin work on a cable system that would make it radically easier to link the growing multitudes of peripherals and devices to computers.

The fruit of their labor? The USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable system that encompasses the physical cabling, connectors, and communication protocol. USB rapidly replaced a plethora of connectors commonly found on the back of computers including serial ports, parallel ports, and PS/2 connectors.

You can now find USB connections on everything from printers to cameras to external hard drives and just about everything in between. There are currently over 6 billion USB products in the global market place with another 2 billion sold each year.