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The U.S. State With The Highest Number Of French Speakers Is?

New Hampshire
You Can Test The Ripeness Of Which Fruit With A Black Light?

Answer: Louisiana

Today’s trivia question is a bit of a tricky one if you’re familiar with U.S. history and geography. While there are a fair number of French speakers scattered across the United States, there are two primary areas of concentration: states like New Hampshire and Maine in the Northeast, and Louisiana in the South.

While the French territorial presence in what is now Canada and the Northeastern U.S. greatly contributed to the use of their language in the region (in addition to the large and well known French speaking province of Quebec, there are also large Francophile communities in New Hampshire), the number of French speakers in the Northern states can’t hold a candle to Louisiana. Heavily colonized by French settlers starting in the 1700s, Louisiana is, to this day, steeped in the French language. While 99 percent of the people in Louisiana are fluent in English, 7 percent of them are also fluent in French, and 4.7 percent of them only speak French in their homes.