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The U.S. Election Day Is Always On A Tuesday Because Of?

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Answer: Farmers

Per federal U.S. election laws dating all the way back to 1845, the election day for selecting the U.S. President is always the Tuesday after the first Monday in the month of November. The single greatest pressure guiding the selection of such a day for the election process was the vast number of farmers in the then-very-agrarian country.

Setting the date in November ensured that the harvesting process was complete and farmers had more free time to travel to their polling locations. Because farmers had to travel long distances to vote (often staying overnight), an election on a Tuesday would avoid interference with the Sabbath (it would have been culturally unacceptable to ask voters to skip church to go vote) and with the Wednesday market day (it would have been economically unacceptable to ask a farmer to skip selling his supplies at the market to go vote). Further, early November is also before the worst of the winter storms have hit the country.