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The Titanic Was Discovered On A Quest To Find What?

Nuclear Submarines
Spy Satellite Wreckage
Skylab Remains
Underwater Mega-Volcanoes
The Indentation In The Base Of A Wine Bottle Is Called A?

Answer: Nuclear Submarines

In 1985, an oceanographic exploration crew led by Robert Ballard made history when they discovered the wreck of the RMS Titanic. The news reported the world over was that Ballard had finally achieved his dream of uncovering the wreckage and it was left at that: a feel good story about the determination of an individual and a triumph of technology.

The portion of the story left untold was that Ballard was on an undercover mission to locate two missing U.S. nuclear submarines, the USS Scorpion and the USS Thresher under the guise of locating the Titanic. The submarine mission went better than planned and Ballard was able to use his left over time and resources to locate the Titanic in the same trip. Achieving success in both your secret mission undertaking and your cover mission is certainly a feat to be proud of.

Image courtesy of the U.S. Navy.