Geek Trivia

The Term “Poindexter” To Refer To A Nerdy Bookish Person Originated In Which Cartoon?

Popeye the Sailor Man
Looney Tunes
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Felix the Cat
Consuming Chocolate Proves Fatal For Many Dogs Because Of Which Compound?

Answer: Felix the Cat

When the long-running comic strip¬†Felix the Cat was adapted into a television cartoon in 1959, a host of new characters were brought in to round out the comic’s cast and provide consistent friends and foils for the quirky animated cat.

Among those characters was a young boy named Poindexter. Poindexter was extremely brilliant (with an IQ of 222), socially awkward, and a stereotypical nerd through and through–right down to the Coke-bottle glasses. Through his repeated appearances in the show, his name became associated with the nerd-scientist trope he portrayed and poindexter entered the English language as synonymous with someone who is extremely studious and awkward.