Geek Trivia

The Target Corporation Runs A State-of-the-Art Lab Devoted To What?

Viral Research
Video Forensics
Super Computing
Neurological Research
The Periodic Table Of Elements Was Inspired By What?

Answer: Video Forensics

Buried within Target’s corporate campus in Minnesota, is a certified crime lab specializing in forensic video analysis. Target uses the facility to analyze their own security footage and implement new security features, but they also donate significant amounts of time to analyzing crime scene footage.

Police departments around the country find it useful to call on Target’s sophisticated video lab because the forensic specialists there have a working knowledge of a wide variety of surveillance systems and can quickly analyze and extract information from systems a small police department may be unequipped or unstaffed to handle.

The Target lab is one of only twenty-seven private forensic facilities certified by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors.

Image, displaying emblems of departments the lab has assisted, courtesy of Minnesota Public Radio.