Geek Trivia

The Strongest Bite In The Animal Kingdom Belongs To The?

Bull Shark
Nile Crocodile
Captain Kirk's Uniform Top In Star Trek Appeared Gold On Screen, But Was Actually?

Answer: Nile Crocodile

When it comes to winning a bite strength contest, you know who isn’t winning any medals? Us. Humans have incredibly weak jaws compared to many other creatures in the animal kingdom and can only summon a scarce 162 pounds of pressure per square inch (PSI).

The Nile crocodile, on the other hand, has a bite strength that yields a shocking 5,000 PSI, nearly 3000% more powerful than our bite. In fact, the entire crocodile and alligator family is filled with champion chompers. The saltwater crocodile has a bite strength of 3,700 PSI. The American alligator has a bite strength of 2,125 PSI.

Wherever you are in the world, be it the Florida Everglades or the banks of the Nile river in Egypt, you can be certain whatever crocodile-like creature you come across is more than capable of taking a hearty chunk out of anything–like wayward tourists–it desires.

Image courtesy of Tim Muttoo.