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The Rules Governing Civil Discourse Online Are Known As What?

Electronic Medium Etiquette
BBS Behaviors
The Digital Code
Which Of These Foodstuffs Used To Include A DIY Dye Pack To Make It More Appetizing?

Answer: Netiquette

Rules for civil discourse and behavior online are commonly known by the portmanteau netiquette–a blending of internet and etiquette. Although many people use the term casually and many a corporate seminar instructor has bandied it about over the years, the term isn’t just an informal catch-all for good behavior online but is actually outlined and defined in a formal memo, IETF RFC 1855. Drafted in 1995, it includes all manner of guidelines and this gem from the introduction:

In the past, the population of people using the Internet had “grown up” with the Internet, were technically minded, and understood the nature of the transport and the protocols. Today, the community of Internet users includes people who are new to the environment. These “Newbies” are unfamiliar with the culture and don’t need to know about transport and protocols.

Those darn newbs, always ruining everything.