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The Rain Forests Of Argentina Are Threatened By What Unlikely Invasive Species?

Canadian Beavers
Japanese Boring Beatles
African Termites
Russian Deer
It Wasn't Until The 1840s You Could Buy Which Of These Foods In Solid Form?

Answer: Canadian Beavers

It’s an unlikely crisis that, if not for a misguided maneuver by well meaning men, wouldn’t exist in the first place: Canadian beavers are ravaging the forests of Argentina.

There’s virtually no chance that beavers from the far northern reaches of North America would make it all the way down to the South American country of Argentina on their own. Back in the 1940s though, in a bid to create a local fur trade, 25 pairs of beavers were introduced to Argentina. It turns out that not only is messing with the ecosystem in such a way not such a great idea, but that beavers really like Argentina.

Now, over half a century later, the Canadian beaver population of Argentina is estimated to be 200,000 strong and the industrious beavers have done astronomical amounts of damage to the Argentinian forests.

Various proposals have been floated over the years on how to deal with them ranging from poisoning and sharpshooting to, of all things, promoting beaver meat as a delicacy to encourage the people of Argentina to eat the problem away.

Image courtesy of Steve.