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Wikipedia Article Inclusion
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Answer: Wikipedia Article Inclusion

One of the longest running points of contention in the Wikipedia community is whether or not something merits its own distinct Wikipedia entry. After all, each and every one of us has things we think are important and notable, and things we think are trivial, and the army of dedicated volunteer editors that have created and curated the mountain of articles at Wikipedia are no different.

In the early years of Wikipedia, a consistent but rather serious joke emerged among the editors. When articles were flagged for deletion, merging, or editing, one of the editors would often quip in the notes, “Well, if there is an article for this Pokemon character, then this should certainly be its own article as well.” or something to that effect. While it was partially a joke about how many Pokemon articles there were, it was also a good way to hold more serious topics like bias or exclusion up to the light. After all, if Bulbasaur has his own entry, then certainly many other topics are equally as deserving.