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The Original Tron Movie Features A Tiny Easter Egg Homage To Which Video Game?

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Close up shot of a display screen in Tron depicting a tiny Pac-Man figure.
Walt Disney Productions

Answer: Pac-Man

While a movie like Disney’s early 1980s sci-fi hit Tron begs to be packed full of little computer and video game reference Easter eggs, the writers and special effects crew showed remarkable restraint in their creation and delivery of the film.

The most prominent allusion to any video game found in the movie is to Pac-Man (another hit from the early 1980s). When the second-in-command antagonist of the film, Sark, is on the bridge of his command ship surveying a map of the system (looking for signs of the recently escaped protagonists), a tiny little Pac-Man can be seen working his way through the labyrinthian system map. In the background audio for the scene, you can even hear the very faint music from the arcade game, the little “awoo-awoo-awoo” sound Pac-Man makes as he scurries about his digital maze.

In addition to the tiny Pac-Man, there’s another Easter egg hidden in the movie. You won’t find the Easter egg in old VHS or DVD releases, however, as it was only added into the Blu-ray release. When the movie was remastered for Blu-ray release, the special effects team snuck a “Hidden Mickey” outline into the film. The Hidden Mickey can be seen at 1:12:29 in the background.