Geek Trivia

The Original Macintosh Keyboard Was Missing What Common Modern Keyboard Feature?

Command Key
Cursor Keys
CapsLock Key
Tab Key
In Back To The Future, The Time Machine Was Originally Slated To Be A?

Answer: Cursor Keys

Cursor keys, or arrow keys as they are also known, are a very common feature on modern keyboards. We use them for playing games, for moving through spreadsheets, adjusting the location of our typing cursor while word processing, and all manner of practical tasks.

Curiously (and very purposefully), there were no cursor keys (nor was there a numeric pad) on the first Macintosh keyboard. The lack of cursor keys was highly intentional and specified by Steve Jobs as a way to both force users of the Macintosh to use the mouse and grow proficient with it and to simultaneously force designers of Mac applications to focus on good graphic user interface design that favored mouse use and GUI over keyboard and command line use.