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The Original Filling In Twinkies Was Flavored With?

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Answer: Banana

For the majority of its life as a snack food of very dubious nutritional value, the humble Twinkie has had a vanilla cream filling, but it wasn’t always so.

The Twinkie was invented in 1930 when James Alexander Dewar was searching for a way to better utilize the machines used for making cream-filled strawberry shortcakes when the strawberries were out of season. The original Twinkies were filled with banana cream but when bananas were rationed during World War II, they switched over to vanilla cream. The popularity of the new filling ensured that the old recipe was shelved for decades after the war, brought out rarely here and there as a promotional tool.

In 2005, however, a promotional tie-in with the movie King Kong proved that consumers still have an appetite for banana cream filling and in 2007, Hostess brought the filling out of retirement and back into distribution.

Image courtesy of Hostess.