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The Original Aerosol Can Was Invented To Apply What?

Hair Spray
Engine Lubricant
Ski Wax
Insect Repellent
"Silverbacks" Are Not A Distinct Species Of Gorilla, The Name Is A Designation Of?
Friends preparing to go skiing in 1920s Norway
Kristian Berge/Public Domain

Answer: Ski Wax

Aerosol cans are an ubiquitous object in the modern world. We use them when styling hair, touching up paint, coating our pans with non-stick spray, and dozens of other applications where a fine and even application of everything from paint to sun screen is desired.

Prior to the 1920s, however, aerosol anything had only existed in a handful of small scientific experiments. That changed in 1926 when Norwegian inventor¬†Erik Rotheim filed a patent in Oslo for the first aerosol can, an invention he’d created in order to make the application of ski wax faster and more efficient.