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The Opposite Of Paranoia Is?

The Practice Of "Forest Bathing", Walking In Woodland Areas For Health Purposes, Originated In?

Answer: Pronoia

Paranoia is a form or facet of a greater mental disorder wherein the affected believes that many (or even all) individuals in their greater environment mean to do them harm in some capacity–the classic “Everyone is out to get me!” delusion. Sufferers frequently attribute what others would chalk up to chance or bad luck as evidence of that the world is conspiring against them.

On the opposite end of the spectrum exists a completely different delusion: the belief that the entire world is conspiring to help you. Pronoia is the state of belief that the entire world is in fact out to help you, not harm you, and that everything that happens is part of some grand conspiracy to guide the individual towards success. Just like the paranoid individual attributes the random events in their environment to the conspiracy to harm them, the pronoid person attributes all the random events in their environment to a positive conspiracy focused on helping them.