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The Only Spider Species That Carry Their Young For Extended Maternal Care Is The?

Purseweb Spider
Wolf Spider
Orb Weaver
Black Widow
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Answer: Wolf Spider

Spiders aren’t exactly known for their maternal instincts, but among the different types of spiders, one in particular really stands out. While some spiders invest a little extra care in ensuring their brood of eggs is protected and hatches safely, and some even hang around until they do, the majority of spiders lay their eggs and leave. On the extreme opposite end of that arrangement are spiders in the family Lycosidae, or wolf spiders.

Found throughout the world, wolf spiders are best known for their solitary, non-web lifestyle where they actively hunt with surprising speed and agility, eschewing traditional web building. What makes them unique among spider species, however, is how firmly attached (rather literally) they are to their young.

Mother wolf spiders attach their egg sacs to their spinnerets and not only carry them for the duration of the incubation period, but once the baby spiders hatch, they scramble aboard their mother’s body and ride along for several weeks. Wolf spiders are the only type of spiders known to engage in this kind of extended maternal care and the only species that carry their young for so long.

Image by Clinton & Charles Robertson/Wikimedia.