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The Only M*A*S*H Cast Member To Appear In Every Single Episode Was?

Loretta Swit
Jamie Farr
William Christopher
Alan Alda
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Answer: Alan Alda

If you’re old enough to remember the Korean War-situated comedy-drama M*A*S*H (or were simply a re-run watching fan of the 1970s-era show), there’s a very good chance that you remember Hawkeye Pierce, Captain and Chief Surgeon, played by Alan Alda—seen here in the driver’s seat of the jeep.

Do you recall his role because Alda was a handsome devil in his uniform? Because his character was well developed and witty? Or, with no disservice to Alda’s dashing good looks or acting skill, perhaps it was because Hawkeye was the only character to appear in every single one of the 251 episodes of the show across all 11 seasons (spanning from the pilot episode in 1972 all the way to the show’s finale in 1983—the single most-watched episode of any American broadcast network television series, ever)?

We’re going to say it’s both, and admit that we wrote this entire trivia entry just to ensure that Mr. Alda got his proper recognition as the handsomest and hardest working cast member of one of the highest rated shows of all time.

Image courtesy of CBS.