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The Only Author To Have A Simultaneous Chart Topping Book, Movie, And TV Show Is?

J.K. Rowling
Stephen King
James Patterson
Michael Crichton
Crayola's Iconic 64-Crayon Box Was Introduced On Which Of These TV Shows?

Answer: Michael Crichton

When you’re an author, simply having a single chart topping book is an accomplishment. Combine that accomplishment with a chart topping movie and you’re in an elite class. Do that and throw a TV show into the mix? Now you’re among a very small and prestigious group of creative minds that have managed to turn their stories into popular books, movies, and TV shows. Do that and top the respective charts simultaneously? Then you’re not just a member of a small group, you’re the only person who’s done it: Michael Crichton.

While Michael Crichton’s entire career arc was pretty prestigious–he was not just a best selling author, but a producer, director, screenwriter, and medically trained (he never obtained a license to practice medicine though)–1994 was really a banner year for him. During one shining moment, Jurassic Park, the wildly popular film adaptation of his wildly popular book, was at the top of the movie charts, flanked by chart topping sales of his book Disclosure, in turn flanked by the chart topping success of the television show ER–which Crichton created and was executive producer for (he also wrote the pilot episode).

Image courtesy of Jon Chase.