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The Oldest Continuously Published Newspaper In The United States Is The?

Philadelphia Inquirer
New York Post
The Augusta Chronicle
Hartford Courant
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Answer: Hartford Courant

When it comes to newspapers published in the United States, there is old and venerated, like the New York Times (in print since 1851) or the Wall Street Journal (in print since 1889), and then there is downright ancient. The Hartford Courant, formerly known as the Connecticut Courant, is an example of just such an ancient publication.

The Courant has been in continuous publication since before the United States was even a nation. Started in 1764 by Thomas Green, the paper has gone through multiple owners, printing locations, and publication schedules (starting as a weekly paper and now published every day of the week), but has managed to keep the lights on for over two and a half centuries.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.