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The Oldest Company Logo In Continuous Use Belongs To?

King Arthur Flour
Jim Beam
What Company Lobbied For A 7.5 Cent Coin?

Answer: Twinings

When it comes to oldest company records, there are a lot of categories to compete in. Some companies can lay claim to categories like the oldest continuously ongoing independent business (the Japanese company, Kongō Gumi, was family-owned for over fourteen centuries), the oldest wine manufacturer (Staffelter Hof, in Germany), or the oldest still operational currency producer (the Monnaie de Paris in France).

One thing you don’t see a lot of, however, is oldest labels and logos. Companies may survive for decades or even centuries, but over time they rebrand, change their logos, or otherwise fail to preserve their original signage and branding. That’s not the case with Twinings, however.

Not only has the British tea company not changed their logo since the inception of the company in 1706, but their original tea house—the first tea house in Britain at that—has been in continuous operation on the same piece of land in central London ever since. In fact, the tea house has been there for so long that not only is Twinings the winner of the oldest continuously-used logo award, but they’re also the longest-standing property tax payer in the history of London.

Image by Elisa Rolle/Wikimedia.