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The Oldest Actress To Portray A Bond Girl Is?

Teri Hatcher
Jane Seymour
Monica Bellucci
Honor Blackman
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Answer: Monica Bellucci

Bond girls, the on-screen love interests and foils for James Bond in the numerous Bond films over the years are typically in their 20s (over half the women who have portrayed a Bond girl were in their 20s). The youngest Bond girl was Daniela Bianchi; when she appeared across from Sean Connery in From Russia with Love, she was only 21 years old.

Prior to Monica Bellucci, the oldest Bond girl was 39: Honor Blackman, starring across from Sean Connery in 1964’s hit Goldfinger. Belluci’s casting in 2015’s Bond franchise film Spectre breaks the pattern for the Bond films in that Bellucci is now the oldest Bond girl at 50 years old.

While we’re playing with age-related trivia from the Bond films, the distinction of biggest real-life age divide between the actor that played Bond and the actress that played the Bond girl in the films goes to 1981’s For Your Eyes Only (there was a 30 year age gap between Roger Moore and his younger costar Carole Bouquet) and, in the opposite direction, the aforementioned Goldfinger (at the time of filming Honor Blackman was five years older than Sean Connery).