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The New York Yankees Redesigned Their Uniforms In Order To?

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Slim Babe Ruth
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Answer: Slim Babe Ruth

George Herman “Babe” Ruth, Jr. was big in every way; he was one of the most accomplished baseball players of all time, a virtual embodiment of the roaring twenties with his extravagant and colorful behavior, a respectable height at 6’2″, and towards the end of his career, a bit wide in the belt.

It was Ruth’s weight gain that prompted Yankee’s owner Jacob Ruppert to redesign the Yankee’s uniform to include the now iconic wide pin stripes, significantly more pronounced than the more understated stripes that appeared on their uniform from 1912 onwards. Ruppert believed the higher contrast stripes would make Ruth look slimmer on the infield. Whether or not it accomplished that goal, the more distinct pinstripes become closely associated with the team and they’ve worn them ever since; the Yankees home uniform has remained almost entirely unchanged since 1936, making it the longest running uniform in MLB history.

Image courtesy of The Library of Congress.