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The Motherboards Inside Xbox One X Units Have A Hidden Mark Depicting?

Master Chief
Bill Gates' Silhouette
The Windows Logo
The Xbox Logo
What Food Is Actually Made From Repurposed Brewer's Yeast?

Answer: Master Chief

If there is a single figure that is synonymous with the Xbox and the rise of the Xbox as a serious gaming console, it’s Master Chief from the Halo franchise. Long before people were playing countless hours on games like Destiny, Overwatch, or Call of Duty, players were obsessed with Halo. No other game defined the Xbox more clearly, nor is more fondly remembered by longtime fans.

With that in mind, it’s not surprising that Microsoft has hidden not one, but two little Easter eggs referencing Master Chief in recent consoles. The Xbox One S featured a tiny Master Chief laser etched into the bracket around the optical disc drive, and the newer Xbox One X has a Master Chief etched right into the motherboard.

Not only is there a Master Chief on the motherboard, but the space marine is depicted riding a scorpion which is, in itself, a double reference to both the code name of the console and to the Scorpion battle tank found in the Halo universe.

Image courtesy of Unecero.