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The Most Heavily Forested Country On Earth Is?

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An example of forest land deep in Suriname
Thomas Schoch/Wikipedia

Answer: Suriname

If you want forest by the acre, you’d be hard-pressed to beat Russia. The expansive country has equally expansive forests, with a staggering 3.1 million square miles of forest area—comparatively, the United States only has 1.2 million square miles of forest area. But in terms of percent of landmass, Russian forests only cover 49.4 percent of the land (and forests in the U.S. only cover 33.8 percent).

If you want to visit a country where the entire country is virtually a giant forest, you’ll need to pay a visit to South America and stop by Suriname—the smallest sovereign state on the continent. Formerly a Dutch colony, the tiny country is known for its bauxite mines, rice, bananas, shrimp, and a thriving eco-tourism industry.

That eco-tourism industry draws its strength from the enormous amount of largely untouched tropical rain forests in the region. A shocking 90.2 percent (57,050 square miles) of Suriname’s 64,000 square miles is forested, which makes it, by area, the most heavily forested nation on Earth.