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The Modern Day Country With The Most Pyramids Is?

Brief Bright Flashes In The Night Sky Called "Iridium Flares" Are Caused By?

Answer: Sudan

When it comes to pyramids, Egypt gets all the glory. There are between 118 and 138 pyramids in Egypt (differences in opinion stem from debates over lesser sites and whether or not they qualify) with the best known pyramids, including the Great Pyramid, located in Giza, Egypt. There’s a good chance that nearly every photo of a pyramid you’ve ever seen is of the Giza complex (which is also where the statue of the Sphinx is located).

Despite the close association between Egypt and pyramids, however, there are significantly more pyramids located in nearby Sudan than in Egypt. Though none of the Sudanese pyramids can tower over the Great Pyramid of Giza by any measure (the pyramids in Sudan range in height from 20-98 feet/6-30 meters tall), they certainly outnumber Egyptian constructions by a significant amount. There are around 255 pyramids found in Sudan that were built with significant haste when compared to the lengthy time line of the Egyptian pyramids—all of them were built in only a few hundred years compared to the 3,000 years the Egyptians were building them.

Like Egyptian pyramids, the Sudanese pyramids served as burial chambers for royalty and, like the Egyptian pyramids, many of them have been damaged by treasure hunters over the years. In fact, a single man, Italian doctor-turned-explorer Giuseppe Ferlini, blew the tops off around 40 of them in the 1830s in his quest to uncover hidden treasures. Thankfully, the pyramids are better preserved today and are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Image courtesy of Ron Van Oers/UNESCO.