Geek Trivia

The Mast Of The Empire State Building Was Originally To Serve As What?

A TV Tower
An Aircraft Reference Point
A Dirigible Docking Station
A Lighting Measuring Tool
Consuming Chocolate Proves Fatal For Many Dogs Because Of Which Compound?

Answer: A Dirigible Docking Station

In the original plans for the Empire State Building the massive mast was intended to serve as, of all things, a docking station for dirigible airships. The investors behind the construction of the building insisted that it was a practical investment when, in reality, it was almost entirely a bid to out build the Chrysler Building by 144 feet in order to claim the crown as the tallest building in the world.

Airship captains of the day declared the idea ludicrous and dangerous. The closest anyone came to actually mooring at the mast was simply flying by for publicity photos. The most popular photo on the subject (and the one seen here) is a widely circulated fake. After a few years of attempts and various publicity stunts the mast was turned over to NBC to serve as a television broadcasting tower.