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The Lowest Single-Hole Golf Score Ever Made Is Known As A?

If You're Communicating In Digispeak, You're Communicating With What?

Answer: Condor

In the game of golf, the lower the score the better. Every hole is rated with a par score, the predetermined number of strokes it should take the golfer to complete a hole (from the tee to sinking the ball into the cup). To score “par” then is to match the par for that hole. To score a “birdie” is to go one under the par score. Two under par? An eagle. Three under par? An albatross (a.k.a. a double eagle).

The nickname for the lowest single hole score recorded in golf, four under par, is the condor (a.k.a. double albatross and triple eagle). In the history of the game, such a shot has only been recorded four times and never in a professional tournament.

In fact, the condor is so rare that there isn’t even an established nickname for what comes after it. Should anyone ever sink a shot five under par, perhaps it would be dubbed, in keeping with the avian theme, a falcon.