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The Longest Suspension Bridge In The World Is Located In?

The United States
The Addams Family Franchise Started Off As A?

Answer: Japan

If you’re a U.S. reader who has driven over the lengthy Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, we’ll forgive you for believing it to be the longest suspension bridge in the world (for it certainly feels that way as you traverse it). Not only is the Golden Gate Bridge not the longest suspension bridge in the world, it comes in, at 4,200 feet across the main span, tied for 12th place.

So where must you travel to see the longest suspension bridge? The Akashi Kaikyō Bridge in Japan, completed in 1998, is a staggering 6,532 feet long across the main span. While that’s an awesome engineering marvel that’s a little mind boggling in and of itself, what’s truly mind boggling is that the Akashi Kaikyō Bridge’s steel cable suspension system contains enough wire, 190,000 miles worth, to encircle the entire world over seven times.

Image courtesy of Kim Rötzel.