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The Last Slogan Blockbuster Video Used Was?

That's all folks!
Hasta la vista, baby
So long and thanks for all the fish.
Bring The Good Times Home
In The Early 2000s, Apple Had Issues With An iBook Laptop That Smelled Like?

Answer: That’s all folks!

The digital transition that saw people move away from physical media toward streaming solutions like Netflix was rough on Blockbuster (once the biggest movie rental chain in the United States). Throughout the 2000s and early 2010s, the company was battered pretty thoroughly by failure to keep up with market trends, failed acquisitions and mergers, and the slow shuttering of stores across the U.S. in painful waves.

While early Blockbuster marketing slogans were cheerful like the late 1980s slogan “Wow! What a Difference!” and the “Bring The Good Times Home” slogan used through much of the 1990s, by the time the grim writing was on the wall the slogan writers at Blockbuster got a little tongue-in-cheek with their slogan writing. Updated in late 2013 right around the time Dish Network (which purchased Blockbuster in 2011) was shuttering the remaining company-owned stores and shifting Blockbuster to an in-name-only on-demand video service (along with a handful of franchise-owned stores), the slogan was updated to “That’s all folks!”, a nod to the iconic phrase belted out by Porky Pig at the end of old Looney Tunes shorts to indicate the story reel was done.

Image courtesy of Warner Brothers.