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The Last Console Released In The Game Boy Lineup Was The?

Game Boy Advance SP
Game Boy Micro
Game Boy Light
Game Boy Enzo
The Bird With The Largest Egg To Body Size Ratio Is The?

Answer: Game Boy Micro

If you want to talk about a hand-held console that’s had a remarkably long and fruitful run, let’s talk about Nintendo’s Game Boy line-up. The original Game Boy was introduced in 1989 and iterations of the console including those with smaller profiles, color screens, and more advanced game cartridges, were produced from then until the Game Boy Micro was discontinued in early 2008.

What’s remarkable about the Game Boy Micro is that despite being released¬†after¬†the Game Boy line-up successor, the Nintendo DS, it still sold 2.42 million units world wide. Those numbers are low by Nintendo standards (the entire Game Boy line sold a whopping 200.2 million units between 1989 and 2008), but it’s still a fantastic showing for what amounted to a miniaturized release of last generation hardware after a successor had already arrived.

Image by Evan-Amos.