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The Largests Nests In The World Are Built By?

Social Weavers
California Condors
The Only Cast Member Of The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy To Have Met J.R.R. Tolkien Is?

Answer: Social Weavers

If social weavers had a human analog, they’d be the architects and construction crews that build high-rise apartment buildings capable of housing thousands. Social weavers are small African birds roughly the size of the common sparrow and with similar coloration. Despite their diminutive size, they pool their energy and resources into building enormous multi-family and multi-generational nests.

Colonies as large as 500 or more social weavers work together to construct nests that typically weigh more than 2,000 pounds and can easily exceed the size of a small bus. It’s not uncommon to see a tree bent under the weight of their constructions and not unheard of for their prolific building to outright buckle or snap the tree they’ve selected as a host. The nests can have upwards of a 100 discrete chambers which makes the social weaver “hives” one of the largest continuous vertebrate structures in the animal kingdom.

Image by Mike Peel.