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The Largest Number Of Remaining Blockbuster Video Stores Are Located In?

Which Videogame's In-Game Universe Corresponds Directly To The Real World?

Answer: Alaska

Throughout the 2000s, the once-ubiquitous mega video rental chain Blockbuster died a slow death until, in 2013, Blockbuster owner DishTV announced the closing of the last 300 Blockbuster stores in the United States.

Although, on a corporate level, the game was over for Blockbuster, the franchise has managed to live on in name. While there is no longer a central Blockbuster company, there are still Blockbuster stores scattered across the United States thanks to independent and micro-franchise locations keeping the rights to the Blockbuster name after the shuttering of the main office.

These locations are typically located in areas with poor broadband penetration (where Netflix isn’t a threat to rental sales) and of all the remaining Blockbuster-in-name locations, the largest number of them are in Alaska. There you’ll find 13 remaining Blockbuster locations (or, to put that seemingly small number into perspective, nearly one fourth of all remaining Blockbuster locations).

As long as it’s difficult to get Internet access at all (let alone broadband), people living in rural Alaska will help keep the lights turned on for the last Blockbuster stores.

Image courtesy of Nicholas Eckhart.