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The Largest Network Of Recreational Trails Is Found In?

The United States
The De Facto Global Calendar System Is Known As The?

Answer: Canada

If you want to hike, bike, ride, ski, snowmobile or otherwise trek across the wilderness, you won’t find a better or bigger network of trails than those found in Canada.

Established in 1992, the Trans Canada Trail project is now composed of 11,000 miles (10,400 are currently usable) of recreational trails that criss-cross Canada and, when the last sections are filled in (a goal Canadian planners hope to reach by Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017), the trail will be a continuous 14,000 miles that spans the entire country.

The project relies heavily on the conversion of old railways into recreational trails, a process pioneered in the United States with the Rails-to-Trails conservancy movement and exported to countries around the world.

Image courtesy of Trans Canada Trail.