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The Largest Landlocked Country In The World Is?

The Average Color Of The Universe Is Referred To As?

Answer: Kazakhstan

When it comes to winning the don’t-touch-the-ocean contest, the massive central Asian country of Kazakhstan wins on not one but two counts. First, it’s the largest completely landlocked country in the world thanks to it’s central location and total area of 1.05 million square miles.

On top of winning that designation, it’s also the only landlocked country that exists on two continents simultaneously. Thanks to a small slice of the country removed from the heartland by the the Ural River, Kazakhstan is both the largest landlocked country in the world, in Asia, and in Europe, as the Ural River is the continental boundary between Europe and Asia.

Although they’re most certainly landlocked, they do get a consolation prize of sorts. The Caspian Sea, bordering the far south-western edge of Kazakhstan, is the largest in-land body of water in the world boasting an area (catchment area) of 1.4 million square miles and 4,300 miles of shoreline. They might not get in any transoceanic shipping any time soon, but at least there’s always a holiday weekend at the beach on the horizon.