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The Largest “Hidden Mickey” In The World Is A?

Interstate Loop
20 Ton Marble Slab
Pine Forest
Swimming Pool
When The Soviet Union Fell, Reporters Used What Technology To Skirt Media Blackouts?

Answer: Pine Forest

Walt Disney designers and engineers are fond of including “hidden Mickeys” in their creations, subtle images big and small of the simple silhouette of Mickey Mouse’s head represented by a large circle topped with two smaller circles to serve as Mickey’s ears. These hidden Mickeys have been incorporated into rides, landscaping, and architecture around the Disney parks as far back as the 1970s and can be as subtle as a small design in a carved staircase bannister to as enormous as electric transmission towers on Disney property.

None of the hidden Mickeys are quite as enormous, however, as the hidden Mickey known as “Mickey’s Forest.” In 1992, an article in Disney World’s cast member newspaper “Eyes and Ears” went out calling for volunteers to help finish planting a forest in the shape of the famous mouse as part of a project to stabilize a sandy water reclamation area recently purchased by Disney after killer frosts had destroyed the citrus crops there. Hundreds of cast members showed up and planted pine seedlings in what would grow into the largest hidden Mickey around.

Decades on, anyone peeking out right-side windows on flights out of Orlando can see the enormous pine forest with the distinct Mickey shape. Even if you’re not flying in or out of Orlando any time soon, you can still take a peek at the largest hidden Mickey thanks to the miracle of satellite imagery. Head over to Google Maps and visit the coordinates 28.453 by -81.703 to see the enormous pine forest Mickey from space.

Image courtesy of Google Maps.