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The Largest Consumer Of Fireworks In The United States Is?

The City of Las Vegas
The National Park Service
The Texas State Government
The Walt Disney Company
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Fireworks over the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida

Answer: The Walt Disney Company

If you’ve been to some of the largest fireworks displays around the United States, then you’ve seen some pretty spectacular fireworks extravaganzas like the annual 4th of July displays over the National Mall or Mount Rushmore.

While those celebrations burn through a huge number of fireworks, they’re only logging that kind of volume once a year. To secure a position as the biggest fireworks consumer in the nation, you’ve got to do more than throw a really big bash once a year: you have to put on a display night after night all year long.

Who has the kind of deep pockets that can sustain daily fireworks shows? None other than the Walt Disney Company. Daily fireworks shows at multiple locations including Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and EPCOT easily put Disney in a class all their own when it comes to fireworks budgets. How big is that budget? While Disney is notoriously tight-lipped about all aspects of their operations, rough estimates based on the number of fireworks set off at their various locations would put the annual cost at over 50 million dollars a year.

In addition to launching more fireworks than anyone else, Disney has also contributed to the industry. Disney engineers pioneered using compressed air cannons to launch fireworks with greater accuracy and less pollution as well as using electronic timers to perfectly sync fireworks shows.