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The Largest City Not Located On A Lake, River, Or Coastline Is?

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Answer: Johannesburg

The largest cities in the world are found paired with bodies of water. Large lakes, winding rivers, and coastline access are all key components in building up large cities through farming, trade, and development. Not every major city is on a body of water, however, and the largest city in the world not situated in such a fashion can be found in Africa.

Johannesburg, South Africa, with a population of over four million people in the city proper and over seven million in the broader metropolitan area, is the worlds largest city not founded on a shoreline, bank of a river, or beside a large inland lake. A bird’s eye view of the city reveals that while there are small lakes, rivers, and streams in the area (like the small spring-fed Jukskei River), these water features are shallow and unsuitable for transportation.