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The Largest Asteroid Impact Site In The World Is Located In?

South Africa
The United States
The Best Selling DVD Of All Time Is?

Answer: South Africa

Be glad you are living in a far duller time far, far, removed from the moment two billion years ago when an enormous asteroid slammed into what is now present day South Africa and created the largest verified impact crater on Earth: the Vredefort crater (named after the town located near the center of it).

The impact crater, now significantly eroded by time and geological activity, had an original diameter of roughly 190 miles and is believed to have been created by an asteroid approximately three to six miles in diameter. In addition to its fame as the largest impact crater on Earth, it is also one of the few multiple-ringed craters on our planet. Between significant geologic¬†activity and heavy erosion over time, ringed craters don’t last as long on Earth as they do on other less active planets.

In 2005 the Vredefort Dome (or Vredefort impact structure), the roughly 44 mile wide partial ring of hills in the center of the impact site (the remains of a dome created by the rebound of rock below the impact site after the collision), was declared a World Heritage site for its geologic interest and significance.

Image courtesy of NASA.