Geek Trivia

The Land Animal With The Largest Eyes Is The?

The Opposite Of Hibernation Is Called?

Answer: Ostrich

At some point, you’ve probably heard the bit about “ostriches’ eyes being bigger than their brains”, a fact delightfully repeated by school age children around the world. The fact is completely true, by the way, but not because ostriches are particularly tiny brained as far as birds go, but because their eyes are exceptionally large as far as birds (and, for that matter, all other vertebrates) go.

Ostrich eyes are approximately 2 inches (5 centimeters) in diameter. By comparison, human eyes are only around an inch (2.4 centimeters) in diameter. Their large eyes help them avoid predators in their savannah homelands thanks to a large field of vision, a high number of photo receptors, and very sharp visual acuity. Although ostriches can achieve a top speed of around 43 MPH (70 km/h), it’s far better to see a predator at a distance and quietly sidle away than it is to take the risk of losing the race to outrun¬†it in the open.