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The Killer In 1978’s Horror Hit Halloween Wore A Mask Of Which Sci-Fi Actor?

William Shatner
George C. Scott
Lance Henrikson
Robert Duvall
The Decibel Originated From Methods Used To Measure What?

Answer: William Shatner

The budget for the 1978 cult-classic Halloween was so tight the production staff was forced to do everything in their power to cut corners and stay under budget. One of those cost-cutting measures involved the Special FX guys hitting up a costume store in search of a cheap mask they could use to conceal the face of the killer (played by Michael Myers).

The cheapest mask in the store was a Captain Kirk mask from a Star Trek-inspired costume line. They snatched up the mask, originally molded from the face of famed Star Trek actor William Shatner, and after a little trimming of the eye holes and a blast of white spray paint, they had turned the handsomely iconic face of one actor into what would become a terrifyingly iconic face for another.

In an interview almost forty years after the release of the movie, William Shatner revealed that not only had he been unaware that the mask in Halloween was modeled from his own face but that after the movie came out he had actually bought the official Halloween mask to wear for that year’s Halloween festivities. We assume the fit was superb.